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Unique expertise
and diverse perspectives

For nearly 40 years, our uncompromising passion for what we do has characterized our people and our work. We believe that taking the safe and easy path prevents our clients from uncovering the unique and innovative solutions that make a place truly different and instill in it a spirit that engages those who experience it.

Relationships Matter

First names matter. Emails are good, phone calls are better.

Explore the faces and names of the people you will be collaborating with at LandDesign.

Pam Calaway

  • Always doing your best matters.
  • Loving life matters.
  • Details do matter.
  • Receipts matter.

Heba Root

  • People matter.
  • Recognition matters.
  • A positive work environment matters.
  • Awesome office parties matter.

Kaiwen Lu

  • Dedication matters.
  • Outstanding matters.
  • Life journey matters.
  • Cultural fashion matters.
  • Diversity matters.

Marc Momsen, PE

  • Comprehensive coordination matters.
  • Land Development Ordinance matters.
  • Craft beer matters.
  • Living in warm climates matter.
  • Lego time with my kids matters. Just ask my kids.

Kevin Vogel, PE

  • Turning vision into reality matters. Identifying opportunities matters. Experiential placemaking matters. Music matters. My kids matter. All five of them.

Kevin Vogel is a Partner and Civil Engineer. Kevin is responsible for design staff management of engineers, surveyors, and landscape architects. He is also responsible for full cycle project management, from contracts and administration through construction documentation. He is responsible for directing both public and private site development and infrastructure improvement projects both regionally and internationally. His expertise includes an intimate knowledge of project development from inception to occupancy, including entitlement processes, the integration of master planning, engineering and construction coordination, as well as regulatory coordination and permitting.


Cassidy Michaux

  • Balance matters.
  • Curiosity matters.
  • Inspiration matters.
  • The environment matters.
  • Laughter matters.
Frank McMahan, PE

Frank McMahan, PE

  • Collaboration matters. Management matters. Responsibility matters. Improvements matter. Coaching matters.

Frank is a Principal and Civil Engineer responsible for project design, managing staff, and managing multiple projects of various sizes from the due diligence phase through the completion of construction. Project types have included storm drainage improvement projects for numerous municipalities; residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional projects as well. Technical design responsibilities have included hydrological analysis, hydraulic analysis, storm water retrofits, erosion and sediment control, grading, roadway, wastewater collection system, water distribution, and traffic control.


Chase Weaver

  • Gratitude matters.
  • Laughter matters.
  • Patience matters.
  • Curiosity matters.
  • The beauty of nature matters.

Alexis Rosamilia

  • Family & friendships matter.
  • Laughter matters.
  • Good food matters.
  • Positivity matters.
  • Health & wellness matters.

Kate Goodman, EI

  • Collaboration matters.
  • Efficiency matters.
  • Measuring twice matters.
  • Basketball matters.
  • Preserving wildlife matters.

Dawn Cagle

  • Timesheets matter.
  • Efficiency matters.
  • Organization matters.
  • Books matter.

Chris Cook

  • Relationships matter.
  • Quiet time matters.
  • Enjoying what you do matters.
  • Nature matters.
  • Having fun matters.

Andre Rutland

  • Technology matters.
  • IP Addresses matter.
  • Servers matter.
  • Sports matter.
  • Friends and family matter.

Stephanie Pankiewicz, PLA

  • Critical Thinking Matters.
  • Style Matters.
  • Dark Chocolate Matters.
  • My Mini Aussie Matters.
  • Hydrangeas Matter.

Stephanie is a Partner and Landscape Architect. Stephanie directs many of the firm’s large scale master planning projects, including long-range master planning to urban design solutions for some of the nation’s leading developers. As a creative design leader, she applies her knowledge by offering innovative approaches including state-of-the-art design tools to engage diverse stakeholders in building consensus and understanding. She enjoys working at a variety of scales throughout the design process, and remains uniquely involved in all stages of a project. Her experience includes urban design, park planning and design, community master plans, site planning, design guidelines and streetscapes, with an emphasis on utilizing green infrastructure techniques as storm water harvesting, roof gardens, stream restoration, native plants and natural treatment systems for bio-retention.


Rita Stroud

  • A balanced book matters.
  • Efficiency matters.
  • Patience matters.

Stephen Romanin

  • Unique perspectives matter.
  • Confidence matters.
  • A strong skill set matters.
  • Traveling matters.
  • AFL Football matters.

Allison Merriman, PLA

  • Curiosity matters.
  • Blended environments matter.
  • Teamwork matters.
  • 26.2 miles matters.
  • Books matter.

Tyler Neal

  • Mac and cheese matters.
  • Relationships matter.
  • Details matter.
  • The right typeface matters.
  • Color matters.

Aaron Shier, PLA

  • Design culture matters.
  • Recreation matters
  • Rising early matters.
  • Devotion matters.
  • Traverse City matters.

Cameron Fox

  • Family matters.
  • Stewardship matters.
  • Humility matters.
  • Holistic design matters.
  • UNC basketball matters.

Beth Poovey, PLA

  • Community matters. Getting dirt under your nails matters. Small moments matter. Passion matters.

Beth is the Director of Greenways, Parks and Open Space for LandDesign, where she leads a studio focused on the creation of public spaces that matter. She has nearly 20 years of experience in greenway, trail, streetscape and park design. Combining her sociology and landscape architecture degrees, her focus and passion has evolved into the planning and design of urban open space that authentically integrates community assets with environmental stewardship opportunities. Public open space is her thing. Parks, trails, streetscapes, peds, bikes and even trikes.


Sarah Logan

  • Faith matters.
  • Laughter matters.
  • The West Virginia Mountaineers matter.
  • Peanut butter matters.
  • Coffee matters.

Aaron Wagoner, EI

  • Practicality matters.
  • Helping others matters.
  • Being outdoors matters.
  • NC State Wolfpack matters.
  • Learning matters.

Chris Young

  • Self improvement matters.
  • Exploration matters.
  • 3D modeling matters.
  • The details matter.

Marci Bonner, PLA

  • Expanding one's skills and interests matters.
  • Plants matter.
  • Speaking your mind matters.
  • Project theming matters.
  • Self-fulfillment matters.

Dan Melvin, EI

  • Community matters.
  • Perspective matters.
  • Environment matters.
  • Design matters.

Jacqui Johnson

  • Pedestrians matter.
  • Home cooking matters.
  • Design details matter.
  • Relationships matter.
  • Fun matters.

Brooke Bourgeois

  • Kindness and empathy matters.
  • Relationships matter.
  • Gratitude matters.
  • Design matters.
  • A chocolate chip cookie matters.

Emily Petz

  • Exploring matters.
  • Traveling matters.
  • Wellness matters.
  • Spending time in nature matters.
  • Compassion and love matters.

Shannen Scott

  • Family matters.
  • The environment matters.
  • Challenging yourself matters.
  • Commitment matters.
  • Clemson matters.

Jonathan Ryder

  • Running matters.
  • Family matters.
  • Friends matter.
  • Food matters.
  • Biking matters.

Lawrence Pangburn

  • Critical thinking matters.
  • Understanding matters.
  • Sharing knowledge matters.
  • Community matters.
  • Places matter.

Heth Kendrick, PLA

  • Faith matters. Time with family matters. Mentoring matters. Outlaw country music matters. Camping matters.

Heth is the Director of Landscape Architecture for the Dallas offices and is responsible for design and business development in that market. With over a decade of design experience related to projects ranging from large-scale mixed-use and transit-oriented developments to smaller multi-family and commercial developments, Heth has proven himself to be an expert in his profession based on his knowledge of project management, master planning, entitlements, design development, and the preparation of construction documents.


Hattie Pavlechko-Reiter

  • Thriving places matter.
  • Uniqueness matters.
  • Making an impression within the landscape matters.
  • Travel and discovery matter.
  • Artistry matters.

Tareq El-Saldi, EI

  • Being a handyman around the house matters.
  • Well-rounded upbringings matter.
  • Resolving issues matters.
  • Mentoring matters.

Dennis Walls, PLA

  • Design details matter.
  • Napkin sketches matter.
  • Family time matters.
  • Capturing scenery matters.
  • Living life to the fullest matters.
Keith J  Bongirno - 2016

Keith Bongirno, PLA

  • Curiosity matters. Collaboration matters. Family matters most. Drawing matters. Tropical landscapes matter.

Resort Designer, Place Maker, Environmental Artist. Keith has designed numerous luxury resorts in the US, Caribbean, Asia and the Middle East. Keith’s work ethic is matched only by his ardent passion for exceptional design to create places that are engaging, entertaining and aesthetically outstanding and is commended by his peers as an industry idea leader. He continuously advocates to align client needs with market & site demands to create compelling master planned communities, mixed used destinations and resort environments. As Director of Planning + Landscape Architecture, he leads the firm’s strategic vision to create artistic and creative places that matter in Florida and the Caribbean.

Gurveer Uppal, EI

  • Family matters.
  • Creativity matters.
  • Enjoying life matters.
  • Being productive matters.
  • Sports matter.

Robert Keidel, PE

  • Finding one’s natural fit matters.
  • Attention to detail matters.
  • Technology matters.
  • Having fun with family matters.
  • Volunteering matters.
  • Clemson sports matters.

Alex Livarchuk

  • Family matters.
  • Knowledge matters.
  • Technology matters.
  • Faith matters.
  • Friends matter.

Richard Petersheim, PLA

  • Urban Revitalization Matters. Being Unplugged Matters. Bill Bryson Matters. Kiss Matters.

Richard is a Partner and Senior Landscape Architect. Committed to creative and sustainable urban design, he is responsible for project development through construction, and directs a passionate urban design studio with focus on strategic urban planning, infill development, transit planning and station area design, higher education master planning, and retail development. Richard always looks beyond the borders of the project to identify ways in which the improvements to the landscape add value to the adjoining context and reinforce the community goals.  His role is often building a constituency and bridging gaps in divergent development, community, and political voices to create an executable strategy.


David Booth

  • Family & friends matter.
  • Being yourself matters.
  • Standards matter.
  • Envisioning/imagination matters.
  • Nature outings matter.

Adam Martin

  • Big ideas matter.
  • Ornamental grasses matter.
  • Urban re-development matters.
  • Tinkering matters.
  • Social consciousness matters.
Shaun Tooley, RLA

Shaun Tooley, PLA

  • Creativity matters. Design matters. Dedication matters. Family matters. 26.2 miles matters.

Shaun is a Principal and Landscape Architect responsible for all aspects of design across a broad range of project types. His areas of expertise include retail development, mixed use master planning & entitlements, campus master planning and traditional neighborhood design. Although most of his work is through the private sector, he has extensive experience collaborating with the public entities in the design of the public realm. He especially enjoys leading projects through the entitlement phases, working with the design & development team to effectively integrate project objectives with creative solutions that help ensure overall success.


Caitlyn Preast, EI

  • Family matters.
  • Faith matters.
  • Friends matter.
  • Traveling matters.
  • Relaxing days by the ocean matters.

Robb Klauk

  • Design administration matters.
  • Project management matters.
  • Being on the water fishing matters.
  • My daughter, Taylor, matters.

Jason Granado

  • Making matters.
  • Details matter.
  • Good whiskey matters.
  • Mentoring matters.
  • Understanding systems matter.

Katie Riddle, PLA

  • Sharing knowledge matters.
  • Being an urbanite matters.
  • Green infrastructure matters.
  • Hand drawings matter.
  • Community service matters.

Matt Weschler

  • Family and friends matter.
  • Music and the arts matter.
  • Travel and adventure matter.
  • Complete neighborhoods matter.
  • Freedom of expression matters.

Jacob Bennett

  • Imagination matters.
  • Vision matters.
  • Being opportunistic matters.
  • Expression of the landscape matters.
  • Solids - Liquids - Gases. They all matter.

Jake Petrosky, AICP

  • Quality of life matters.
  • Scale matters.
  • Street design matters.
  • Green infrastructure matters.
  • Clean rivers matter.

Tade Willger, PLA

  • Going the distance matters.
  • Traveling abroad matters.
  • Gardening matters.
  • Road trips matter.

Bob Mainones, EI

  • Family matters.
  • Teamwork matters.
  • Problem solving matters.
  • Finding solutions matters.

Adam McGuire, PLA

  • Authenticity matters.
  • User experience matters
  • Live music matters.
  • Being handy matters.

Deborah Miller

  • Every step in the process matters - the sum of all parts. Authenticity matters - it's the truth. Words matter - they connect us. Music matters - it's spiritual.

Deborah is the Global Director of Business Development and Marketing Communications and is responsible for strategic development of new business opportunities across all offices. From small scale community projects to high profile projects, Deborah’s vast experience in most every project type has provided her with a depth of understanding of what comprises the best approach for clients in achieving their project goals and objectives – reaching for the best design solution.


Rhett Crocker, PLA

  • Great ideas matter. Progress matters. Quality matters. Long bike rides matter. Family time at the lake matters.

President, Partner, Master Planner, Urban designer. Idea Junky. A Gen X’er poised to lead LandDesign in the 21st Century. A visionary designer with an incomparable work ethic, Rhett has built an award-winning career with a reputation for transforming complex sites into beautiful urban design. He is focused on providing every project with the ideas and design leadership that will differentiate projects in a competitive market for better positioning and economic return. As President, he leads the firm’s strategic vision that empowers LandDesign to show its clients and communities around the world that every project matters.


Kim Powell

  • Love matters.
  • Happiness matters.
  • Adventure matters.
  • Being true to yourself matters.
  • Family and friends matter.

Lisa Webster

  • Quality of life matters.
  • Family matters.
  • Taking charge matters.
  • Efficiency matters.
  • Girls basketball matters.
  • Loving yourself matters.
  • Competitiveness matters.
  • The IT factor matters.
  • Shaking things up matter.

Max Grogan

  • Family matters.
  • Community matters.
  • Sublimity matters.
  • Sustainable design matters.
  • The future matters.

Shay McRedmond

  • Challenging yourself matters.
  • What you eat matters.
  • Communication matters.
  • Organization matters.
  • Kindness matters.

Scott Lagueux, AICP, LEED AP BD+C

  • Crafting stories that resonate matters. The water’s edge matters. Collaboration matters. Applying technology in new ways to solve problems matters. Giving back to the community matters.

Scott is a Partner and Planner with a passion for destination planning and design.  Scott’s embraces his role as a translator of client need and inherent site values into clear, compelling visions of the future underpinned with actionable plans for achievement.  He has a passion for working on complex projects in varied locales and his 20 years of practice has taken him to engagements throughout the US and over 70 countries.  Waterfronts, resorts and international development are key areas of interest and specialization for Scott.  Scott values the benefits that derive from collaboration with clients, the community and experts in their respective fields; its from this collaboration that great ideas and projects take flight.


Joseph Boulos, EI

  • Transportation design matters.
  • Challenging projects matter.
  • Professional practices matter.
  • Outdoor recreation matters.
  • Playing music matters.

Deniz Kilic, EI

  • Quality control matters.
  • Improving oneself matters.
  • Reusing landfills matters.
  • Classic Rock matters.
  • Hydraulic system design matters.

Steve Bond, EI

  • Family time matters.
  • Spending time in the mountains matters.
  • New opportunities matter.
  • Finding new paths in life matters.
  • Affordable housing matters.

Stephanie Powell

  • Business Brain Matters. Having Fun Matters. Money Matters. People Matter. Hair Matters.

Stephanie Powell is a Partner and the firm’s Chief Financial Officer. She serves as Managing Partner for business strategy development and the management of the firm’s business affairs. Managing the financial administration of a 21st century design firm is a challenge that she embraces. Much like the collaborative design process that represents LandDesign’s core business, Stephanie’s approach to company growth and fiscal fitness is a team effort. With a focused career in finance and business operations, she effectively develops and communicates the firm’s business strategies and objectives, teaching architects and engineers how to think like business leaders. Design values are shared with Financial, Marketing, Human Resources, and Information Technology professionals to achieve a seamless, firm-wide vision for future success.

David Gastel, PE

  • Imagination matters.
  • Upholding Standards matters.
  • Transforming ideas matters.
  • FSU matters.
  • Hard work matters.

Haley Dugger

  • Family (including her dog) matters.
  • Traveling matters.
  • Creativity matters.
  • Good food matters.
  • Laughing matters.

Aly Moniaci

  • Faith matters.
  • My family matters.
  • JOY matters.
  • Texas tech athletics matters.
  • Relationships matter.

K.C. Farrell

  • His dog matters.
  • Friends matter.
  • Family matters.
  • Being healthy and active matters.
  • Helping make the world a better place matters.

Emily Kotulak

  • Community involvement matters.
  • Creativity matters.
  • Being in nature matters.
  • Having passion matters.
  • Peanut butter and chocolate matter.

Brianna Meurer

  • Relationships matter.
  • Culture matters.
  • Music matters.
  • A healthy lifestyle (with good food) matters.
  • Trying new ideas and experiences matter.

Ray Waugh, PE

  • Great Plans matter. Pushing yourself matters. Moments matter. Riding your bike matters. In the end….. it’s the story that matters.

Ray is a Partner, Civil Engineer and the firm’s Chief Operations Officer. Ray is a strategic leader and drives the firm’s operational vision and growth that empowers LandDesign to serve its clients, communities and environments around the world. As Managing Partner of the firm’s Orlando office, project focus includes large scale master planning, urban design, infrastructure design, retail development, public spaces and amenity designs. Ray is a creative leader with an aptitude for problem solving whose contribution has garnered numerous award winning projects throughout the firm’s portfolio. The complexities of these projects has equipped Ray with the engineering capability to adeptly orchestrate teams of experts that are focused on collaborative creative solutions that work.


Brent Martin, PLA

  • Legacy matters . Details matter. Perspective matters. That song you crank up matters. Home matters. Comedic relief matters.

Brent Martin is a Principal and Senior Landscape Architect. Raised in the Midwest, Brent has worked in LandDesign offices up and down the east coast over his tenure with the firm. A designer with a principled nature, Brent brings to his projects a keen sense of what makes a place unique and has an ability to elevate the story in the design and implementation. He has worked on a broad range of projects from urban mixed use projects to agrarian-focused master planned communities to small complex site design. His skill lies in providing that balance between the desired aesthetic and the required functionality starting with conceptual planning through construction documents. His passion for great design is evident from the first meeting through the final punch list. Brent’s design expertise lies in resort-style communities, mixed-use developments, and infill multifamily.


Peter Kisicki

  • Community matters.
  • Justice matters.
  • History matters.
  • Collaboration matters.
  • Exploring matters.

Sean Haviland

  • Eagerness to learn matters.
  • Innovation matters.
  • Natural and built environments matter.
  • Cohabitation matters.
  • Visualization matters.

Peter Crowley, PLA

  • Creating great places matters. Taking care of our world matters. My garden matters. Mentoring the next generation matters.

Peter is a Partner, Landscape Architect and former president. Establishing the firm’s Washington DC office in 1983, Peter is recognized as a design leader and visionary of urban design and master planning projects across the globe. As design leader, he participates in multidisciplinary teams domestically and internationally with the stated objective of creating a balance between design aspiration and market forces.

Peter has used his planning skills to craft a wide variety of compelling projects involving complex urban design assignments, town planning, urban infill, mixed-use destinations and master planned communities. He actively advocates aligning client needs with market conditions, bringing stakeholders together, embracing and sustaining the environment, and differentiating a place to engage the user and interpret the unique story of place. He is known for his dedication to creating memorable space and developing community through design which has been an integral part of the firm’s development and the marketable success of our clients. Peter is recognized by his peers as an industry thought leader and frequently participates in national planning studies for the Urban Land Institute.


Erika Mayer

  • Sense of place matters.
  • Integrity matters.
  • Relationships matter.
  • Environmental stewardship matters.
  • True Detective matters.

Chad Kovaleski, PLA

  • Project delivery matters. Good design matters. Traveling to see other cultures matters. Sketching matters. The West Coast matters.

Chad is a Director and leads the operations for the LandDesign San Francisco office. He has nearly a decade of design experience related to projects ranging from large-scale mixed-use, resort and hospitality developments, to waterfront planning, multi-family, and commercial developments. Chad oversees a team of landscape architects and planners in production of conceptual plans, project visioning, vision books, schematic design documentation and design development packages.  Chad is a design-focused landscape architect with a passion for simple graphic statements and bold use of plant materials, hardscape and paving.


Andrea James, PLA

  • Craftsmanship matters.
  • The mountains matter.
  • Urban gardens matter.
  • Being a shutterbug matters.

Sana Mirza

  • Family matters.
  • Friends matter.
  • Seeking matters.
  • Exploring matters.
  • Growing matters.

Mason Greeson, EI

  • Storm water management matters.
  • Design Manuals matter.
  • Utility design and coordination matters.
  • Site rehabilitation matters.
  • Water distribution matters.

Tyler Howell, EI

  • Giving back matters.
  • Living a virtuous life matters.
  • Designing places for people matters.
  • Golf matters.
  • Blues music matters.

David Pearson, PLA

  • Urban form matters.
  • Place making matters.
  • Ecology matters.
  • Simplicity matters.

Eric Lemieux

  • Being challenged matters.
  • Growth matters.
  • People matter.
  • Diversity matters.
  • Office culture and environment matters.

Barrett Blackburn

  • Doing what you love matters.
  • Collaboration matters.
  • Gratitude matters.
  • The outdoors matter.
  • Pride matters.

Michael Abate

  • Family matters.
  • People matter.
  • Details matter.
  • Visualization matters.
  • Fitness matters.

Nate Doolittle, PE

  • Innovative Infrastructure Matters. Golf matters. My family matters. Being called an LA as much as an engineer matters. Making my projects successful matters.

Nate Doolittle is a Partner and Civil Engineer. Nate is responsible for leading a number of the firm’s public and private infrastructure and site development projects throughout the Southeast US. Nate has a keen understanding of public/private projects, with a wide variety of expertise in large scale developments to urban infill projects.  He also leads LandDesign’s Higher Education market with experience in educational, athletic, residential, and infrastructure campus work. His valuable experience includes a variety of large-scale mixed-use developments, campus and university work, and urban infill redevelopment that required site assessment, environmentally sustainable design, and innovative infrastructure solutions. Nate thrives in situations where he can help lead and collaborate on innovative and complicated projects, embracing the success of the team strategy and vision.  Nate works to ‘implement the projects vision, not engineer the master plan’.


Eric Pohlmann

  • Simplicity matters.
  • Ornamental grasses matter.
  • Hand graphics matter.
  • Being rooted matters.
  • Traveling matters.

Lori Milam

  • Community matters.
  • Seeking adventure matters.
  • Football season matters.
  • Love for outdoors matters.
  • Volleyball matters.

Kris Rowe, PE

  • Leading by example matters.
  • Doing it right the first time matters.
  • Volunteering matters.
  • 80’s hairband music matters.
  • Detroit Red Wings matters.
  • Seeing a project come to life matters.

Gabriela Cañamar Clark, PLA

  • Vison creation matters. Exciting open spaces matter. 80's Latin Rock Matters. Family Matters. Ken Follet Matters.

Gabriela is a Principal and Designer. With an architectural background, Gabriela approaches her projects comprehensively with a goal of transforming the public realm into a legible, safe, and engaging environment, no matter the size, scope or budget. She is known for her legacy impact on design in many of the firm’s mixed-use, urban infill, public space, residential and commercial projects. She is a senior lead designer who thinks best with pen in hand, and is responsible for project vision creation and storytelling, concept development and project management. She takes clients through successful project zoning entitlements, works with the design teams and municipal staff to convey the sense of place and the rationale behind the big ideas, guiding the projects from concept through full construction documents.


Matthew Vinten, PLA

  • Design orientation matters.
  • Innovation design solution matters.
  • Wealth of knowledge matters.
  • Detail matters.

Jeffrey Mis

  • Family matters.
  • Horticulture matters.
  • Music matters.
  • Humor matters.
  • Urban exploration matters.

Kait Yeatts

  • Faith, family and friends matter.
  • Living in the moment matters.
  • Travel and adventure matters.
  • Healthy living matters.
  • Environmental awareness matters.

Kathy Riley, PLA

  • Being driven matters.
  • Traveling matters.
  • Being active matters.
  • Clemson Tigers matters.
  • Sunshine matters.

Chris Waldt, EI

  • Tackling Challenges matters.
  • Family time matters.
  • Faithfulness matters.
  • Playing outdoors matters.

Janalyn Newchurch

  • Green initiatives matter.
  • Commitment matters.
  • Volunteering matters.
  • Enriching communities matters.

Shaun Hicks

  • Family & friends matter.
  • Exploring the world matters.
  • Being adventurous matters.
  • Creativity matters.
  • Designing for the future matters.

Regina Czerr

  • A life well-lived matters.
  • Forging your own path matters.
  • Artistic expression and cultural relevance matter.
  • A deeper engagement with people and projects matter.
  • Integrity and gratitude matter.

Boris Tomic

  • Art matters.
  • Humanity matters.
  • Traveling matters.
  • History matters.

Nataliya Gurina

  • Learning new things every day matters.
  • Universal design matters.
  • Being positive matters.
  • Community gardens matter.
  • Travel abroad matters.

Ashley Clark

  • Relationships matter.
  • Design Advocacy matters.
  • Attitude matters.
  • Renovating my old house matters.
  • Family vacations at Kiawah matter.

Susan England, PLA

  • Integrating people and places sustainably matters.
  • Equal opportunity matters.
  • Living fully matters.
  • Community matters.

Amy Eliason

  • Family and friends matter.
  • Exploring the world matters.
  • Good food matters.
  • Collaboration and creativity matters.
  • Music matters.

Amanda Zullo

  • Visioning matters.
  • Wellness matters.
  • Wanderlust matters.
  • Being well-rounded matters.

Ashley Reed

  • Travel matters.
  • Family matters.
  • Laughter matters.
  • Penn State matters.
  • Working hard matters.

James Mann

  • Art matters.
  • Nature matters.
  • Playing outdoors matters.
  • History matters.
  • Quality of life matters.

Joe Giangrandi

  • Vision matters.
  • Storytelling matters.
  • Expanding knowledge matters.
  • 3D Visualization matters.
  • Advocacy matters.

Lauren Cline

  • Spending time outside matters.
  • Traveling matters.
  • Creative problem solving matters.
  • Doing what makes you happy matters.
  • Pursuing your passions matters.

Angga Widodo

  • Enjoying life matters.
  • Supporting others matters.
  • Ultimate frisbee matters.
  • Listening matters.

Marika Kalasz

  • Happiness of my family and friends matters.
  • Respect and belief in others matters.
  • Outstanding work ethic matters.
  • Achieving excellence matters.

Mellissa Oliver

  • Environmental responsibility matters.
  • Commitment matters.
  • Being productive matters.
  • Pride in what you do matters.
  • Getting involved in the community matters.
  • Leadership matters.
  • Logan and Caesar matter!

Clemente Quinones

  • Community outreach matters.
  • Role models matter.
  • Mentoring matters.
  • Martial arts matter.

Priya Obloy

  • Compassion matters.
  • Parenting matters.
  • Perspective matters.
  • Everything in its place and a place for everything matters.
  • Spelling matters.

Dustin Culver

  • Family, most importantly, matters.
  • Expanding your skill set matters.
  • Being valuable at work matters.
  • Pursuing your passion matters.

Linda Letourneau

  • Technology matters.
  • Carpooling matters.
  • Golf matters.
  • Zumba matters.

Phillip Smith

  • Family matters.
  • Friends matter.
  • Virginia Tech Hokies matter.
  • Music and sports matter.
  • Traveling and experiencing new things matter.

Jeremy Icard, PE, LEED AP BC+C

  • Collaborative solutions matter.
  • Linking vision to execution matters.
  • Leadership and mentoring matters.
  • Doing what you say matters.
  • Faith and Family matters.

Brian Crafford, EI

  • Cost Effectiveness matters.
  • Learning matters.
  • Hard work matters.
  • Dedication matters.
  • Process matters.

Matthew Grigsby, EI

  • Being driven professionally matters.
  • Learning new things matters.
  • Land development matters.
  • Coaching matters.

Mackenzie Bourne

  • Faith, family and friends matter.
  • Bucket lists matter.
  • Hand rendering matters.
  • Georgia Bulldawgs football matters.
  • Living in the moment matters.

Alison Peckett

  • Travel and perspective matters.
  • A positive attitude matters.
  • Finding creative solutions matters.
  • Growing curiosity matters.
  • Being socially and environmentally conscious matters.

Chad Goddard

  • Hard work matters.
  • Honesty matters.
  • Details matter.
  • Collaboration matters.
  • Exploring matters.

Andrew Seifarth

  • Design matters.
  • Travel matters.
  • History matters.
  • Health matters.
  • Collaboration matters.

Matt Clark, PLA

  • History matters. Personal accountability - your word matters. Character matters. Knowing a few good swears really matters. Not taking yourself too seriously matters. 80s music matters.

Matt is a Partner and Landscape Architect and leads the operations of the firm’s Washington DC office. Matt is a driven studio leader and project manager for a number of high-profile mixed-use, residential and commercial office projects primarily located within the Mid-Atlantic region. His dedication to his clients and projects is evident in his solid reputation of long term client relationships. He takes pride in sweating the details and leaving no stone unturned in search for the best project outcome. Project development includes conceptual design through preparation of final construction documents and construction administration/implementation.


Dale Stewart, PE

  • LandDesign’s Legacy Matters. Family Matters. Community Service Matters. Land Stewardship Matters. Creative Design Matters.

Dale is a Partner, Civil Engineer and immediate past president. Dale understands not only the opportunities and challenges of today’s engineering projects, but the important role and impact these projects play in the development of a larger region. This expertise has made him a valuable member of a number of community organizations, appointed committees and task forces concerned with water quality protection and effective infrastructure. Long term relationships, mentoring staff, and dedication to ethical engineering practice are what matters to Dale.


Brian Dench, PE

  • Family time matters. Youth sports matter. Client needs matter. Project collaboration matters. Dallas Cowboys matter.

Brian is the Director of Civil Engineering in the Dallas office of LandDesign. He has 22 years of experience in the design and development of residential, commercial, multi-family, mixed-use, and industrial projects.  His tenure in the Dallas-Fort Worth area has led to a thorough understanding of the development processes and regulatory requirements there, and has led him to develop trusted relationships within the land development community that has helped facilitate predictable jurisdictional approvals in a timely manner.


Todd Lewis, PLA

  • Means and methods matters.
  • Improving our world matters.
  • Esoteric references matter.
  • Building it better matters.
  • Humor matters.

William Morris

  • Construction administration matters.
  • Time schedules matter.
  • Being on site matters.
  • Managing effectively matters.
  • Family matters.

Paul Benton

  • Sustainability matters.
  • Strong, connected communities matter.
  • Active transportation matters.
  • Travel and curiosity matter.
  • Anna and James matter.

Mark Kime, PLA

  • Exploring a site’s highest and best use matters.
  • Great working relationships matter.
  • Recreational outdoor activities matter.
  • Proximity to the ocean and mountains matters.

Nadeem Khan

  • Learning matters.
  • Family matters.
  • People matter.
  • Environment matters.
  • Work-Life balance matters.

Nikki Trainham

  • Family matters.
  • Knowledge matters.
  • Making a difference matters.
  • Traveling matters.
  • Growth matters.

Lisa Biddle

  • Sustainability matters.
  • Community outreach matters.
  • Attitude matters.
  • Exploring matters.

Khristine Giangrandi

  • Loving design matters.
  • Inspiration matters.
  • Happiness matters.
  • Creation of special places matters.
  • Collaboration matters.